January 16, 2015

Rest of January

This month kind of got out of hand. We could have done better on the no spending. We did try our first attempt at pot sickers, which tasted good but fell apart. We used venison but some of the measurements were off so it was a little dry. When we did cook, we were great at getting inventive with our food. We tried to only buy fresh veggies as well as bread and cheese. We ate almost all our leftovers too. We are still trying not to go crazy with the spending for February,  but our pantry stores are low. What we know we won't eat, I am going to donate to the local food shelter.

We have been making progress on the final phase of our basement remodel. I actually unpacked a large number of boxes and put things away. It's been years since some of that stuff has seen the light of day. Some will go to new homes when garage sale season is here.

My parents are nearby this month,  so I have some cleaning to do before they come visit for the weekend.

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