October 29, 2009

My Husband is Amazing!

My husband went pheasant hunting for 6 days and when he got back he had an Acer netbook for me. How sweet is that. Its perfect for me and I am just loving getting in set up just for me. Of course no of it would have been possible without my mother-in-law who bought it off her husband to give to my hubby as a gift. So thanks Mom too!

September 30, 2009

A Brand New CAR!

So a few weeks ago my husband bought a "New" car for me. I was keeping my enthusiasm in check until now. It's a 1996 Saturn SL2 Manual. I love it. Its gold and I can deal with that. But Its a car, and not just any car, my car. Paid In Full.We bought it for cash at the local dealership. And its almost exactly like my first car. (Which was a 1996 Saturn SL2 but it was green with a sun roof and spoiler.)
It needed some love and boy did we give it. New Windshield, front tire, valve cover gasket, spark plugs and wires. We also did a little cosmetic work to it. New OH SHIT handles in the back, rear deck lid, rear ash tray (for change), some trim on windows and a Saturn emblem on the hood. And an oil change and new wipers for good measure.

So I am re-acquainting myself with driving a stick. Its been over 4 years since I have driving one. Or had a car to myself in that long. I look forward to the day that I don't kill it.

September 28, 2009

Totes, totes and more totes

On Friday after work I started cleaning out a hall closet. This closet is add in the way it was built and so, not knowing what to do with it I started tossing stuff in it. Its above the stairs to my basement so in order to accommodate the stairs it has stairs itself. Which make 3 different levels of storage space in it. Its a deep closet because of this. So After I emptied all the contents into the living room I measured all the "steps" and headed to Wal-Mart.

After purchasing $100 in totes I went home and started filling them. Hubby came home and helped out too. Because of all the room we made in the closet, we had room to store kitchen appliances that we don't use very often. I don't think my kitchen counters have ever been so clean.

On Saturday I went back to Wal-Mart and spent another $100 on totes to organize two more hall closets. My linen and coat closets. I also bought 2 extra large totes to store blankets in.

My house feels very organized at the moment. I am trying to get rid of things I have been saving for "someday I might need them". I am a huge pack rat and no longer want to be. I have 3 more upstairs closets to go through and 3 down stairs and a downstairs bedroom. I am hoping to tackle those in the next few months. I need to save up some more tote money.

I spent Sunday on the couch with the hubby enjoying one of the last weekends together before hunting season is fully underway.

September 10, 2009


This was just to funny and cute not to share.

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Hey Kids! Want some candy?

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September 9, 2009

Dove Hunting

Made this fun animation of my husband dove hunting this weekend.

Ok apparently I suck and can't get it to animate. Oh well, Check out more pics here
Photos during Dove Hunt

August 7, 2009

I love my CSB

I am leaving for vacation today and my best friend CSB had a presant waiting for me this am. She told me that I couldn't get to excited and I seriously had to reign that in because it was THIS!

I am so excited to read it. But I am waiting for my flight this evening, or while waiting in the airport. She is also giving the hubby and me a ride to the airport. I think she is really doing this so she can get her Starbucks on. I also have a lil cash for her for her troubles, as is only fair. BOUNUS! Paying for the Starbucks too. That's just how we roll.

Life is good Source

July 23, 2009

Comic-Con 09 Funny RPattz

This is by far my fav clip/interview so far from Comic-con. Robert is so funny.
Click Here For Funny RPattz
From EW.com

July 13, 2009

The Bet

My husband and I are both trying to lose weight but are having trouble finding motivation. We decided to make a bet.

If I win the bet my husband will have to buy me $75 in Twilight Merch and not be able to complain about it.
* items shown add up to more then $75. But I want them all and more.

He reluctantly agreed. But what if he wins. What is something I dislike him buying. Guns. I will have to give him $75 to a new gun.

As I think I can never have to much Twilight in my life I have great motivation. And my husband's is simply that he doesn't want to buy me Twilight stuff.
Day one (yesterday) started off great for me. I went for a roughly 3 mile walk. One of these days I will figure out how far it is. And I couldn't really tell what he did.

UPDATE: As stated above the bet did not work. But on the good side. It did not work for both of us. Trying again. This time with added Gym membership.

July 10, 2009

My iVamp

My friends know me so well they give me things that make me smile!

Me at work with my iVamp
My real iVamp
Stickers and Slap Bracelet
Stickers from Courtney

July 9, 2009

My Fan Art

This one kind of reminds me of the meadow with Bella and Laurent, but at night.

First Beach


For Team Edward

For Team Jacob

If you like these and want a high res one, just let me know.

July 8, 2009

Raining on your Once in a lifetime parade

Multiple times today I have gotten emails or texts that say:
"Today at 5 minutes and 6 seconds after 4, it will be 04:05:06 07/08/09.
This will never happen again in our life! Pass it on!"

I do find this event cool however, its happened before in my lifetime and will happen again.

This happened last year at 03:04:05 06/07/08
And the year before at 02:03:04 05/06/07
01:02:03 04/05/06

Oh and it will happen next year at 05:06:07 08/09/10
and the year after that at 06:07:08 09/10/11
07:08:09 10/11/12
08:09:10 11/12/13
09:10:11 12/13/14

But no, not again in our lifetime will it be 04:05:06 07/08/09
And technically that happened this morning since it will be 16:05:06 this afternoon.


A friend also pointed out that:
"at four-seconds before 1pm today, it was 12:34:56 07/08/09
not to rain on YOUR parade, but that kicks way much more ass than any of the numbers you threw out there ;)"

Thanks, I did miss that.

July 2, 2009

Twilight Fan Fail

I am ashamed to admit that I didn't get this.

At work we have a wipe off board as you enter my department. We put random things on there to entertain us. Recently it has been Jumbles. This one in particular shames me.


I stared at it for two days wondering what it was. I finally decided to use an online jumble answer helper thing. And the second one on the list was Twilights. I was so excited I ran to the board and put it up. Not even realizing I didn't use all the words, and thinking it was just a coincidence. My co-worker CLSBeach pointed this out and wrote the missing letters out for me. I was like oh well, I thought it was funny.

Then PaperGod came over and gave me this look. It was then that I realized what I had done.
The answer was Twilight Saga.

I hung my head in shame at the Fan Fail I had just committed.

Hence the conversation pictured.

The current jumble is


Thats where I found RENESME.

June 11, 2009

New Moon Footage

Some New Moon behind the scenes footage.