January 5, 2015

Week 2 Recap

1/3/15 - in our house, Saturday is Mommy's day to sleep in. The Hubby made corn beef hash and sunny side up eggs for breakfast. The Kurig wasn't working so we had white Russians with breakfast.  We went sledding in the small window there was good enough weather to do so. Then we ventured out to find some new pants for my weed of a daughter and a new snow outfit. The one she has been using was two sizes to small. We caved at lunch and bought some McDonald's,  but stayed to the dollar menu and avoided the happy meal. At this point we planned on doing some grocery shopping, but the weather became an issue. For dinner we made mac and cheese with spam and canned peas. DD's choice.

1/4/15 - Sunday, Daddy's day to sleep in. Gave the kid some shredded mini wheats and I had the leftover hash. After a while, I woke up the hubby and then started on laundry and rearranged DD'S closet and dresser so she can start picking out her own clothes. Then we had some Ramen with frozen green beans for lunch aka in our house as slurpy noodles. Since we still needed to go grocery shopping for milk and a few other household items, we ventured out into the cold after nap time. We caved again and got Subway. Daddy split his with DD and I got a six inch. Avoiding the kids meal again. The we went to Walmart and got everything on our small list. The Hubby talked about replenishing some food items, but I stuck to my guns and said no. If we really like a meal, we will just have to remember when we talk about what items to stock our pantry with when this exercise is over. Some items were high priced so we still spent over $100. We didn't get anything that wasn't on our list, so feeling proud there. The bonus came when filling up my gas tank on the way home. I haven't paid under $25 to fill up a tank since 2004!

1/5/15 - I was running late today so I grabbed one of DD's gogurts for breakfast. For lunch, the hubby made us open face tuna melts with bacon weaves. So good. That was the last of the tuna. Hubby made brisket sandwiches from some leftovers. I developed a head ache shortly after dinner and went to bed.

1/6/15 - went out to lunch today. Then after DD'S dance class, came home and had leftover mac and cheese.

1/7/15 - had soup for lunch.  Hubby made a super yummy brisket and pulled pork chili from stored meet in the freezer.

1/8/15 - had leftover chili for lunch. Kidd and hubby had peanut butter and honey sanfwiches. Made chicken parm with a mix of remaining pastas from mostly empty boxes and the last of the chicken patties from the freezer. While we were cooking dinner, we thought about and made a list of what we want to stick our pantry with after the purge. Then we played some games with DD to help her learn her letters. We also tough her Go Fish.

1/9/15 - I had leftovers from last night. Dinner was corned beef that I cooled in the crock pot all day, with sliced and sautéed Brussels Sprouts.  DD even ate all her dinner in under 7 minutes. We played some go fish, then watched some Max Steel. DD told the hubby "Daddy get your but moving". Hubby replied with "is that how you are supposed to talk to me?" To which she replied "No. Daddy will you please get your but moving?" We both just laughed.

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